Domain .work supports latin letters and does not support international symbols (cyrillic).

Minimum number of symbols is 3, maximum number is 63.

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The .WORK domain name zone offers website owners an opportunity to communicate their message with precision and clarity. It is a great domain zone for people who want to identify their website with work-related content. With a .WORK domain, website owners can communicate to their audience that their website is related to work, career, job search, or any other work-related content.

The .WORK domain zone is perfect for organizations that provide job searching, career advice, and training services. Using a .WORK domain, these organizations can leverage their brand reputation and effectively communicate their message across to their target audience.

The Benefits of Using the .WORK Domain Zone

  • Professionalism: The .WORK domain zone helps to communicate professionalism in work-related content and increase credibility with their audience.
  • Easier to remember: The .WORK domain zone is short, memorable, and easy to remember.
  • Higher visibility: The .WORK domain zone helps businesses to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) for work-related keywords.
  • Brand protection: The .WORK domain zone helps to protect a brand from counterfeit websites that may use a similar name in other domain zones.
  • Global Appeal: The .WORK domain zone has worldwide appeal and is not limited to any particular geographical area.

Created in 2014, the .WORK domain zone is managed by Registry Services, LLC, with the administrative and technical contacts being managed by GoDaddy Registry. The zone's whois server is, which provides information about the domain's status, registration, and renewal.

Ways to Use Domains in the .WORK Domain Zone

  • Professional job boards offering employment opportunities and job search services for job seekers.
  • Career advice websites providing guidance on resumes, interviewing, and networking.
  • Training websites that help job seekers develop new skills required for job opportunities.
  • Freelance platforms that connect businesses with the right talent for their projects.
  • Recruiting companies that offer staffing and executive search services for employers seeking top-notch talent.