Referral Program

Welcome to the NicNames Referral Program with Cashback Coin! We've crafted a rewarding system that benefits both you and the friends you invite to join our community. Here’s how you can both enjoy the perks of being part of NicNames:

$50 Welcome Bonus for You and Your Friends

1. Invite Your Friends: Share your unique referral code or link, available in your account's "Referral Program" section.

2. Welcome Bonus: When your friend registers using your referral and makes purchases totaling $100, both of you will receive 5,000 Cashback Coins.

3. Receive 5,000 Cashback Coins: Your friend must spend $100 at NicNames to receive the Cashback. We count any successfully executed orders during the 12 months after registration. When your invited user spends $100 — both the referrer and the referred are credited with 5,000 Cashback Coins in your Cashback Balances, each worth $50.

Earn More with Every Referral

1. 5% Cashback on the First Order: Enjoy a 5% cashback in Cashback Coins on the total amount of the first order placed by your referred friend. This benefit applies to both you and your friend at the moment of successful execution of the orders from the first paid invoice. As orders from the first invoice may be executed separately, Cashback is credited separately for each successfully executed order.

2. Ongoing Rewards: Beyond the first order, earn an additional 2% cashback in Cashback Coins on all purchases your friend makes within the next 3 years. This ensures a steady stream of rewards as you both continue to engage with NicNames.

How to Share and Earn

Sharing your referral link is easy. You can find it in your account's "Referral Program" menu. Whether through social media, email, or directly, your referrals can bring mutual benefits. When someone signs up and makes their first purchase using your referral:

- Both the referrer and the new user will receive a 5% cashback from the first order.

- A generous Welcome Bonus of 5,000 Cashback Coins is awarded to both parties, kickstarting your journey with NicNames.

Utilizing Your Cashback Coins

Cashback Coins can be used to make purchases on NicNames. While Cashback Coins withdrawals and transfers are currently unavailable, we are working on introducing these features soon. Stay tuned for future updates that will expand how you can use your Cashback Coins.

Start inviting your friends today and make the most out of every referral! With NicNames, it’s not just about joining a platform; it’s about growing together in a rewarding community.


Cashback Coins must be used within 18 months of receiving them; they will expire if not used within this period.


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