Domain transfer

Enter the domain name you want to transfer

To transfer domains, you need a secret code — ask your current registrar.

Transfer domains from other registrars or between NicNames' accounts in three simple steps:


Enter the Name and Secret Code

Request the secret transfer code from your current registrar to initiate a transfer. If necessary, provide the NicNames' identifier (NicNames, Inc; IANA-4156) to your current registrar.


Domain Renewal

Your domain will often be renewed for an additional year during the transfer process. We'll invoice you for the transfer, including the renewal, and payment is required within 10 days. If the invoice remains unpaid, the transfer won't be initiated, and the process has to start from scratch. If you receive a bill for $0, this indicates that the transfer is free, and you won't have to pay for it. Your domain won't be renewed, but you must confirm the transfer via email or another verification method, which may vary depending on the domain zone. Please note: Transfer of domain names .AI is not free and does not extend the expiration date. 



Upon payment of the invoice, the transfer will commence. Transferring a ccTLD domain name, such as ".UA", may take up to 7 days, and international domains, like ".COM", could take up to 15 days.

With international domain transfers, and some others, you will need to confirm the transfer via email. Additionally, before the transfer can proceed, you must confirm that you have read and understand the domain name policies and other associated contracts and agreements.