Domain .surgery supports latin letters and does not support international symbols (cyrillic).

Minimum number of symbols is 3, maximum number is 63.

For more information, please refer to the  .SURGERY Domain Policy.

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The .SURGERY domain zone is a top-level domain (TLD) intended for use by those in the medical profession, particularly those in the surgery field. Launched in 2014, the .SURGERY domain extension is managed by Binky Moon, LLC, a subsidiary of Donuts Inc. By using a .SURGERY domain name, medical professionals can establish a unique and memorable online presence that is specific to their field, making it easier for patients and colleagues to find them online.

Benefits of using the .SURGERY domain zone

  • Establish your expertise: Using a .SURGERY domain name can help establish your expertise in the field, making it easier for potential clients or patients to trust your services.
  • Improve visibility: A .SURGERY domain name helps distinguish your website from similar medical websites that use more generic TLDs like .com or .org.
  • Stand out from the competition: A .SURGERY domain name can help you stand out from other medical professionals who use more generic TLDs.
  • Increase credibility: A .SURGERY domain name can give your website increased credibility in the eyes of both patients and colleagues.
  • Enhance branding: Using a .SURGERY domain name can help enhance your personal or practice branding, making it easier for patients to remember your website and find you online.

Ways to use the .SURGERY domain zone

  • Personal websites for practicing surgeons or other medical professionals
  • Hospital or clinic websites that specialize in surgical services
  • Medical research or educational websites that focus on surgical topics
  • Professional organizations or associations for surgeons or other surgical professionals
  • Websites for surgical products or tools manufacturers and distributors

Overall, the .SURGERY domain zone is a valuable tool for medical professionals in the surgery field. Its unique extension is memorable and credible, making it easier for patients and colleagues alike to find and remember your website. With the benefits of improved branding, visibility, and credibility, a .SURGERY domain name can help you establish and grow your online presence in the medical community.