Domain .esq supports latin letters and international symbols (cyrillic).

Minimum number of symbols is 3, maximum number is 63.

For more information, please refer to the  .ESQ Domain Policy.

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Other domains

.ESQ is a more secure domain, meaning that HTTPS is required for all .ESQ websites. You can buy your .ESQ domain name now, but in order for it to work properly in browsers you must first configure HTTPS serving. For more information about configuring HTTPS, including resources to obtain an SSL certificate, please visit Let's Encrypt's website.

The .ESQ domain zone is a great opportunity for legal professionals and law firms to have a unique and memorable domain name. Managed by Charleston Road Registry Inc. and Google Inc., this domain zone allows legal professionals to showcase their expertise and establish themselves as trusted authorities in their field.

The benefits of using a .ESQ domain name are plenty:

  • Establishes credibility: A .ESQ domain name immediately communicates that you are a legal professional, which can help establish credibility and trust with potential clients.
  • Memorable: A .ESQ domain name is memorable and easy to remember, which is important for establishing a strong online presence and building a brand.
  • Highly descriptive: A .ESQ domain name immediately communicates what type of service you offer, making it easier for people to find you online.
  • Increased visibility: With a .ESQ domain name, your website will be more likely to appear in search results when people search for legal professionals.
  • Protects your brand: By registering a .ESQ domain name, you can protect your brand and prevent others from using a similar domain name to confuse consumers.

Here are some ways to use a .ESQ domain name:

  • As a primary domain name for your law firm's website.
  • As a secondary domain name to promote a specific practice area (e.g.,
  • As a domain name for a legal blog or publication.
  • As a personalized email address (e.g.,
  • As a domain name for a legal directory or referral service.

The .ESQ domain zone was created in 2014 and is still an active domain zone today. The whois server for .ESQ is, and it is managed by Charleston Road Registry Inc. and Google Inc.