Domain .yoga supports latin letters and does not support international symbols (cyryllic).

Minimum number of symbols is 3, maximum number is 63.

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The .YOGA domain zone is a top-level domain (TLD) that is specifically designed for yoga businesses, practitioners, and enthusiasts. The registration of a .YOGA domain is a great opportunity to show your connection to the yoga community while keeping your branding relevant and professional.

There are several benefits of the .YOGA domain zone:

  • It is a unique and memorable name that clearly demonstrates your connection to the yoga community.
  • It offers a versatile platform for yoga businesses, practitioners, and enthusiasts to connect with each other and share their knowledge, skills, and experiences.
  • It helps your website to rank higher in search engines in the yoga niche.
  • It gives you the opportunity to create a more targeted and focused online presence, which can help you to attract more customers and clients.
  • It helps to establish your brand identity, which can help to increase visibility and awareness of your business.

Here are some ways to use the .YOGA domain zone:

  • Create a dedicated yoga blog or website that offers advice, tips, and resources for yoga practitioners and enthusiasts.
  • Create a yoga studio website that offers information, schedules, and events for your classes.
  • Create a yoga instructor website that offers information about your classes, pricing, and qualifications.
  • Create a yoga equipment e-commerce website that sells yoga mats, blocks, clothing, and other accessories.
  • Create a yoga teacher training website that offers information, schedules, and pricing for your programs.

The .YOGA domain zone was created in 2014 and is managed by Registry Services, LLC, a subsidiary of GoDaddy Registry. The whois server for the .YOGA domain zone is